Ralph Hutchison
blockade main gate; meet with Base Commander
Article published on 18 July 2017
Rubrik : Widerstand gegen Atomwaffen - Resistance against nuclear weapons

A delegation of eleven U.S. citizens joined with activists from China, Russia, Germany, Mexico, The Netherlands, Belgium and Britain at a peace encampment at the German airbase in Büchel, Germany, where U.S. B61 bombs are deployed.

On Sunday, July 16, following the celebration of a Christian liturgy, Dutch and U.S. citizens removed the fence blocking the main entrance to the airbase and proceeded on site, the Dutch delegation carrying bread for a “Bread Not Bombs” action and the U.S. delegation carrying the text of the (...)

David Abel
Article published on 29 April 2017
Rubrik : Apprendre par des exemples pratiques - Aus praktischen Beispielen lernen

Forty years ago, Renny Cushing led hundreds of protesters through the front gates of perhaps the nation’s most controversial construction site, sprawled across a stretch of marshland along the New Hampshire coast.

In all, about 2,000 demonstrators converged on what would become the Seabrook (...)

Ter García
Article published on 25 April 2017
Section : Abolish wars - Contre toutes les guerres - Gegen alle Kriege !

The three years and two months that Pepe Beunza spent in prison were the starting point of one of the most successful campaigns of civil disobedience in Spain: conscientious objection and insumption to compulsory military service. It was 1971. Thirty years later, the Spanish Government finally gave its arm to twist eliminating the milli. We talked to Pepe Beunza.

How did you become interested in nonviolence and conscientious objection?

I lived in Valencia and studied agricultural engineering. I had always liked nature, had been a Boy Scout and had gone a long way up the mountain. She was also a person who was worried about social problems. I had a (...)

John LaForge
Article published on 19 March 2017
Rubrik : Widerstand gegen Atomwaffen - Resistance against nuclear weapons

On March 26, nuclear disarmament activists in Germany will launch a 20-week-long series of nonviolent protests at the Luftwaffe’s Büchel Air Base, Germany, demanding the withdrawal of 20 U.S. nuclear weapons still deployed there. The actions will continue through August 9, the anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan in 1945.

For the first time in the 20-year-long campaign to rid Büchel of the U.S. bombs, a delegation of U.S. peace activists will take part. During the campaign’s “international week” July 12 to 18, disarmament workers from Wisconsin, California, Washington, DC, Virginia, Minnesota, New Mexico and (...)

Birth of a Freedom Anthem
Article published on 16 March 2017
Rubrik : Die Flamme nähren, nicht die Asche bewahren / Feed the flame instead of conserving the ashes

FRESNO, Calif. — FIFTYtwo years ago today, on March 15, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson announced plans to submit a new voting rights bill before a joint session of Congress. His speech came after several weeks of violence in and around Selma, Ala., that had taken the lives of two civil rights (...)

Newsletter #3 January 2017
Article published on 30 January 2017
Rubrik : upcoming events / Kommende Veranstaltungen / evènements à venir


Newsletter #3 January 2017

Upcoming events:

4 February - Edinburgh, Scotland

Scottish Communities Climate Action Network - Annual Gathering


4 February - Lisbon, (...)

Invitation to the
in Döbeln/Germany, July 17-23, 2017
Article published on 16 January 2017
zuletzt geändert am 17 January 2017
Section : No to nuclear power

In the middle between the Saxon cities of Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz an international anti-nuclear summer camp will take place to gather anti-nuclear activists, organizers and interested people. Due to our impression that in the last few years we lacked such a kind of inter- national (...)

Mni Wiconi
Article published on 30 November 2016
Rubrik : Schluss mit der Nutzung fossiler Energien

Given what we’re seeing in the election’s aftermath, photographer-filmmaker Lucian Read clearly picked a prescient title for his recent mini-doc series on inequality in the United States: America Divided, which aired on EPIX in October and November, took us to corners of a nation still hurting (...)

Greenham Common
by Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi
Article published on 17 October 2016
Rubrik : Die Flamme nähren, nicht die Asche bewahren / Feed the flame instead of conserving the ashes

On an unusually balmy autumn day in 2013, a small group of women gathered outside the nuclear base at Aldermaston and began to sing. All of them had wide smiles and the words came easily.

She goes on and on and on,

You can’t kill the Spirit

She is like a mountain

Old and strong

She goes on (...)

David Barsamian
The Yes! Magazine Interview with Vandana Shiva
Article published on 3 October 2016
Rubrik : Die Flamme nähren, nicht die Asche bewahren / Feed the flame instead of conserving the ashes

Interviewer’s Preface:
Vandana Shiva is an internationally renowned voice for sustainable development and social justice. She spoke in New Delhi with David Barsamian, founder of Alternative Radio, during his December 2008 trip to India and Pakistan. Some say terrorism makes Gandhi irrelevant. Vandana Shiva, farmer, seed saver, and global justice activist, says we need him more than ever. Gandhi’s three pillars of freedom are now the keys to our survival. Here then are her thoughts on why Gandhi’s philosophy is still relevant—even in a world where terrorism is on the rise.

David Barsamian:

In the wake of the attacks on Mumbai in late November 2008, there was a piece in the (London) Sunday Express, “The Irony Gandhism Presents in Today’s Terror-Infested India.” The writer said, “It is time the government became doubly stern about its steps to combat terrorism. India (...)

Article published on 14 August 2016
Rubrik : Die Flamme nähren, nicht die Asche bewahren / Feed the flame instead of conserving the ashes

"I DON’T THINK I WOULD HAVE EVEN CONSIDERED SUCH STEPS HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR DAN BERRIGAN" — William Davidon, leader of the Citizens Commission to Investigate the FBI

A friend said this morning that the death of Daniel Berrigan yesterday (30 april 2016) is the end of an era. I hope not. Dan (...)

On Sunday, July 16, following the celebration of a Christian liturgy, Dutch and U.S. citizens removed the fence blocking the main entrance to the airbase and proceeded on site, the Dutch delegation carrying bread for a “Bread Not Bombs” action and the U.S. delegation carrying the text of the Nuclear Ban Treaty passed on July 7 at the United Nations in New York City.

More than thirty activists entered the site without incident, passing through the security gate that was accidentally left unlocked and unstaffed. The Dutch delegation placed loaves of bread on the wings of jet fighters; the U.S. delegation lowered the U.S. flag from the flagpole, requested a meeting with the base commander, and read the text of the U.N. Treaty to soldiers at the base.

After forty-five minutes, guards ran to seal the gates and police were summoned. Eventually, all activists were expelled from the facility without being charged.

On Monday, July 17, activists woke to find themselves prisoners in the peace camp as those attempting to approach the base with banners were rebuffed by police. More than a dozen police vans ringed the roundabout at the gate.

Undeterred, activists traveled through the woods and sat down to block the road leading into the airbase. They were joined by two other teams who traveled to blockade other entrance gates. The U.S. delegation asked again to meet with the Base commander and were told that he would arrive shortly to meet with them.

Photo by Ralph Hutchison

When the commander arrived, they delivered the Treaty to him and then left the blockade to greet workers arriving at the main gate with banners requesting the removal of U.S. B61 bombs from German soil. The Dutch activists remained in the road for another forty-five minutes before being removed by police. There were no arrests.

The U.S. delegation arrived at the invitation of German activists to participate in a twenty week encampment at Büchel.

In the U.S. delegation: Steve Baggarly, Virginia; Ardeth Platte and Carol Gilbert, Maryland; Susan Crane, California; Carmella Cole and Ralph Hutchison, Tennessee; Leona Morgan, New Mexico; Zara Brown, Minnesota; John LaForge and Bonnie Urfer, Wisconsin, and Kathy Boylan, Washington, D.C.

16 July 2017: About 30 peace activists, among them Catholic Workers from six communities and three nations, enter Büchel AFB in Germany

from Frits ter Kuile

Catholic Workers Susan Crane (Redwood City Catholic Worker), Kathy Boylan (Dorothy Day House, D.C.), Steve Baggarly (Norfolk Catholic Worker), Christiane Danowski and Elli Langer (Kana Soupkitchen Dortmund, Germany), Susan van der Hijden, Herman van Veelen, Daan Savert, Margriet Bos, Jia Jia ter Kuile, Frits ter Kuile and Sofie Jansen (Jeannette Noëlhuis, Amsterdam Catholic Worker), and a lot of other good folks entered Büchel air base 72 years after the first atomic bomb exploded on July 16, 1945 at Alamagordo, New Mexico.

At Büchel AFB, American nuclear bombs are waiting in vaults to be dropped by German Tornados on their designated targets. After a liturgy with a homily by Phil Berrigan (Steve read his words out loud), we opened several closed gates to our own and the soldiers’ astonishment and got within the base carrying loaves of bread blessed during the liturgy. Phil’s first miracle?! We offered bread to the soldiers and put bread into three fighter jets stationed near the front gate: bread not bombs! Susan Crane and John LaForge lowered the U.S. flag and proclaimed it time the U.S. soldiers go home. Ardeth Platte and Carol Gilbert read out loud the treaty text just supported by an overwhelming majority of the Earth’s nations at the U.N., declaring nuclear weapons illegal to the amassing soldiers. After some time the German police arrived and took our names for trespassing and escorted us off base.

July 17 at dawn we blocked the traffic at the three gates entering the base. The American delegation told the police they would leave if they could speak with the commander and present him with the treaty text. The police thereupon pressed the commander to come out, which he grudgingly did. After receiving the treaty text declaring nuclear weapons soon to be illegal, he returned to the base and the Amercans left the blocade. Police moved in and removed the others and took their names.

This action is part of an ongoing action to get the old nuclear weapons out of Europe and prevent new U.S. bombs from coming.

More info at buechel-atombombenfrei.jimdo.com or write to noelhuis@antenna.nl

18. Juli
Zum Abschluss der internationalen Woche sind in der vergangenen Nacht noch einmal fünf FriedensaktivistInnen in den Fliegerhorst Büchel eingedrungen. Die AktivistInnen kletterten auf einen der Bunker, der für die B61-Atomwaffen benutzt wird, und verbrachten dort mehr als eine Stunde. Nachdem zwei der AktivistInnen das Wort „DISARM“ („ABRÜSTEN“) auf die Metalltür des Bunkers schrieben, entdeckten Wächter die Gruppe und nahmen sie in Gewahrsam.

Pflugschar-Aktivistin Susan Crane aus Kalifornien, die der fünfköpfigen Gruppe angehörte, äußerte sich nach der Aktion wie folgt: „The Commander of the Base, Oberstleutnant Schlemmer, came to meet us at 3:00 a.m. and told us what we did was very dangerous and we might have been shot. We believe the greater danger comes from the nuclear bombs that are deployed at the Base."

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