Matthew Lyons
Article published on 11 June 2018
zuletzt geändert am 13 June 2018
Rubrik : Die Flamme nähren, nicht die Asche bewahren / Feed the flame instead of conserving the ashes


In this chapter 1 will focus on the period from 1972-1974, from the founding of the newspaper Grassroots Revolution, to the point when the Grassroots network began to concentrate on opposing nuclear power. During this period of formation, the Grassroots network grew from a loose network of individuals into a small alliance of nonviolent action groups. While local concerns varied widely, the staff of Grassroots Revolution tried to pull the network together by focusing on a series of international campaigns such as support for Spanish conscientious objectors and the flrst Greenpeace effort to halt nuclear testing. These campaigns helped to develop ties between the local groups, but the network found it difficult to generate strong support by focusing on problems outside the FRG. The 1974 shift towards anti-nuclear work resulted partly from this weakness.


Until the mid-1960s, the FRG was characterized by political constriction, repressive conformity, and near-paralysis of the independent Left. Cold-War anti-Communism led not only to the suppression of the old Communist (...)

Matthew Lyons
Article published on 28 May 2018
zuletzt geändert am 9 June 2018
Rubrik : Die Flamme nähren, nicht die Asche bewahren / Feed the flame instead of conserving the ashes

In September 1972, a man from the West German city of Augsburg chains himself to a street sign in central Barcelona. He carries signs protesting the Spanish government’s persecution of conscientious objectors. His arrest and jailing for three (...)

Gandhians today
Update on the Jai Jagat 2020 Campaign
Article published on 22 May 2018
zuletzt geändert am 25 May 2018
Section : Solidarität / Solidarity/ Solidarité

Thousands of marchers committed to nonviolent change all over the World will march from India, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Mali, Senegal, Spain and other countries to Geneva (Switzerland). They will meet in Geneva between September 25th (...)

Article published on 18 April 2018
Rubrik : Aktuelle Aktionen / action actuelles /

April 5 - Kings Bay Plowshares: 7 Catholic Peace Activists arrested at Kings Bay Naval Base Georgia ... all dear friends and CWers!


April 5 - Full Report: Seven Kings Bay Plowshares activists (...)

Easter 1959
Article published on 25 March 2018
Rubrik : Die Flamme nähren, nicht die Asche bewahren / Feed the flame instead of conserving the ashes

The history of CND

As anti-nuclear campaigners return to Aldermaston

Pat Arrowsmith recalls organising against Britain’s Bomb

Article published on 24 March 2018
Rubrik : Apprendre par des exemples pratiques - Aus praktischen Beispielen lernen
Article published on 24 March 2018
Rubrik : Schluss mit der Nutzung fossiler Energien

Climate Camps

March to early June – Camp/Occupation against New Coal Mine in Northeast England;


15 to 17 April – International days about peasant struggles, Belgium;


30 May to 3 June – Climate Camp and Climate Games in Austria – (...)

Robert Levering
Article published on 19 March 2018
Rubrik : Die Flamme nähren, nicht die Asche bewahren / Feed the flame instead of conserving the ashes

Only the Vietnam era protests match the size and breadth of the movement unleashed by the election of Donald Trump. One point of comparison: The massive march and rally against the Vietnam War in 1969 was the largest political demonstration in American history until the even more massive Women’s March in January.

All around us we can see signs that the movement has only just begun. Consider, for instance, that a large percentage of those in the Women’s March engaged in their very first street protest. Or that thousands of protesters spontaneously flocked (...)

CND at 60:
Article published on 3 February 2018
zuletzt geändert am 19 February 2018
Rubrik : Neuerscheinungen

CND at 60: Britain’s most enduring mass movement

By Public Reading Rooms Publications

Due for publication in early 2018, Kate Hudson’ new book provides detailed coverage of the inside story of six decades of CND.

This book is timed to (...)

Milan Rai
The most effective actions exert power and engage conscience, argues Milan Rai
Article published on 29 January 2018
Rubrik : Fondements - Grundsätzliches

Someone rang up the other day and asked what PN thought about ‘peace education’. I said that there was a range of things going on, from super-fluffy let’s-just-be-nice-to-each-other talk which does more harm than good, through activist history and analysis, to training that helps people to gain skills and to become more powerful in their work for change. (We like the ‘direct education’ approach to activist training developed by George Lakey and others.)

Peace isn’t about ‘being nice to people’. Peace has to be built on justice and equality. That means confronting, undermining and overthrowing oppression.

The boycotts and the sit-ins and the defiant marches of the US civil rights movement were not (...)

Feature by Sue Smith and Denise Drake
Going to the source
Article published on 27 January 2018
zuletzt geändert am 8 February 2018
Rubrik : Die Flamme nähren, nicht die Asche bewahren / Feed the flame instead of conserving the ashes

Turning the Tide (TTT), a 20-year-old Quaker programme dedicated to spreading the skills for and understanding of nonviolence for positive social change, draws on the long Quaker history of working for peace and justice as the basis for our approach.

Our approach is experiential. Nonviolence training is a learning experience of the mind and body, both an individual and a collective experience. It’s radically different in its content and approach to formal schooling; a notebook and pen may be helpful but are not essential.

One of TTT’s volunteer facilitators, Kiyo Miyamoto, asked this question: ‘where does nonviolence training for activists come from?’ She then went about tracing this back through the local and global movements of the 20th century from which TTT sprang in 1994. Kiyo reported on her progress in a report called ‘Turning the Tide Pre-history: Tracing the origins of transformative nonviolence training’, which is available on our website.

This whole research project remains unfinished, but the initial findings are a treasure trove of this little-known and little-celebrated history.

We want to shine the light on this work, hoping PN readers will find it interesting and that it (...)

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