Nevada Desert Experience in the Nuclear Age
Article published on 13 July 2018
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For 30 years Nevada Desert Experience (NDE) has done an amazing job of maintaining a presence, voice and support for nonviolent direct action and peaceful civil resistance for justice in the Mojave and Great Basin deserts. This archival video from the 1900s includes U.S. propaganda from the early nuclear era countered by NDE’s turn-of-the century propaganda. Representatives from various religious traditions offer insight as to the spiritual violence of nuclearism (the anti-human religion of the nuclear weapons industry). You can hear from Ibrahim Abdil-Mu’id Ramey, Sister Rosemary Lynch, John Dear, Greg Mello, Anne Symens-Bucher, Corbin Harney, Claudia Peterson, and Fr. Louis Vitale as they tell the story of nuclearism and the spiritual work to remove the nuclear weapons endeavors from the Nevada National Security Site.

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