Peace Test: Nonviolence In Action
a film by John Jordan-Cascade
Article published on 9 June 2015
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Enjoy this documentary film about the Nevada Test Site and the efforts to ban nuclear testing by John Jordan-Cascade. As we prepare for the Campaign Nonviolence National Conference in Santa Fe, NM, and the peace vigils at Los Alamos in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, now is the time to renew our public opposition to the continued use and development of nuclear weapons.

"This is a documentary I produced in 1987 (EARLY in my video production career). It’s about the non-violent movement to end underground nuclear testing in the Nevada desert, called PeaceTest. I hope those among my FB friends who remember this era (David W. Oaks, David Zupan, Cathy Webb, Dale Kegley, Claudine Jordan, Michael Carrigan , Sue Barnhart) will enjoy it and perhaps new friends like Rivera Sun will appreciate it as well. It is a sampling of the dark cloud of fear of nuclear holocaust most people lived under during the Reagan era.
Peace to all,

I produced this documentary for the peace movement WAY back in 1987, but it still holds a lot of value in teaching about the theory and practice of non-violence for political change.

People were arrested for trespass at the Nevada Test Site (a giant, high security swath of land in the middle of the desert near Las Vegas) where underground nuclear testing was happening on a regular basis.

More than 100 copies of this film were distributed all over the country and contributed to inspiring thousands of people to come to the Nevada desert to commit non-violent civil disobedience. It was a powerful means of protest against the nuclear arms race. This movement, along with other efforts at the time, led to the U.S. and Soviet Union signing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in 1992.

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