Revolutionary Non-Violence:
Remembering Dave Dellinger, 1915-2004
Article published on 19 November 2013
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Howard Zinn, Father Dan Berrigan, Tom Hayden, Jeremy Scahill, Leonard Weinglass, Ralph Digia and Dave McReynolds memorialize the non-violent warrior Dellinger ...

America has lost one of the great non-violent activists of the past century.

Dellinger lost track of the number of times he was arrested or jailed over the years for protests, including demonstrations against the Vietnam War.

Through the decades, Dellinger was a stalwart in nonviolent protest beside the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Daniel Berrigan, Daniel Ellsberg and other leaders on the left. But he probably is best known for being one of those on trial in Chicago after the 1968 Democratic Convention.

 Dellinger was in his mid-50s at the time — the "old man" of the group of radicals who faced prison after the anti-war protests during the convention.

While the Chicago Seven trial gained Dellinger the most notoriety, it was just one event in a long life of fighting for what he thought was right.

- Jeremy Scahill, Democracy Now! producer & correspondent

- Howard Zinn, historian

- Tom Hayden, Dellinger’s Co-defendant in Chicago 8

- Leonard Weinglass, Dellinger’s lawyer in Chicago

- Ralph Digia, imprisoned with Dellinger in WWII

- Dave McReynolds, War Resisters League

- Fr. Dan Berrigan, poet and peace activist

Remembering Dave Dellinger, 1915-2004

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