Tackling Trident :
academics in action through Academic conference blockades
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Tackling Trident is about two unique academic conferences in which an international group of academics, while discussing scientific conference papers, simultaneously blockaded Faslane Naval Base, home of the UK`s Trident system of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, in Scotland, in January and June 2007.

This book presents the academics that took part in the innovative “Academic Conference Blockades”, the conference papers that outlines the scientific rational behind their nuclear resistance, and the year long campaign - Faslane 365 - in which this critique in action occurred.

Tackling Trident is a book written by engaged academics that tackles nuclear weapon issues, Trident, academic responsibility, and possibilities for academic, personal and social change. This book is a fundamental challenge to the suggested scientific legitimacy of nuclear weapon “defence”, and the suggested political and moral “neutrality” of academia.

“It is now clearer than ever that we have to think of science, whether natural or social, as part of the struggle to stop the self-annihilation of humanity. More than engaged academics, science as engagement. This book is a great step in that direction.”

John Holloway, professor of sociology,
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico

More than 360 pages with critical discussions of security policy, alternatives, social movements, social change, academic responsibility, as well as background and facts of the blockade, together with personal statements by twenty-five engaged academics. Among them: Prof. Mary Kaldor, Sir Prof. Richard Jolly, Prof. Nadje Al-Ali, Michael Randle, and Prof. Bridget B. Fowler.

Stellan Vinthagen, Justin Kenrick, Kelvin Mason (Eds.)

Tackling Trident

ISBN 9781471751042 First Edition
Irene Publishing 19. Juni 2012
English 362 pages

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