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My participation in the WWG of WRI had a big influence on what women in the non-violent movement in Germany thought and did. As I was a staff (...)
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Article published on 29 August 2020
Roger et Suzanna cheminent main dans la main depuis plus de 50 ans. Après les militaires, le lithium… La lutte du Larzac, c’est une décennie de (...)
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Article mis en ligne le 9 septembre 2019
In Nevada, more than a dozen activists were arrested during a series of protests blockading access to the Creech Air Force Base on Friday to (...)
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Article published on 13 April 2019
Thousands of marchers committed to nonviolent change all over the World will march from India, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Mali, Senegal, (...)
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Article published on 22 May 2018
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Am 27. September 1972 wurde in Barcelona Wolfgang Kroner, Mitglied der „Gewaltfreien Aktion Augsburg" und der Redaktion der Zeitschrift (...)
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