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"I DON’T THINK I WOULD HAVE EVEN CONSIDERED SUCH STEPS HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR DAN BERRIGAN" — William Davidon, leader of the Citizens Commission to (...)
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Article published on 14 August 2016
»The state is a social relationship, a certain way of people relating to one another. It can be destroyed by creating new social relationships; (...)
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Article published on 9 October 2015
zuletzt geändert am 17 October 2015
Enjoy this documentary film about the Nevada Test Site and the efforts to ban nuclear testing by John Jordan-Cascade. As we prepare for the (...)
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Article published on 9 June 2015

by Wo
As I write this dozens of trainers in Philadelphia near completion of a 17-day intensive called the “Super-T,” a kind of boot camp for trainers. In (...)
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Article published on 12 June 2013
zuletzt geändert am 5 July 2013
The U.S. military admits that at least 100 prisoners at Guantánamo Bay are now participating in an indefinite hunger strike. It may actually be (...)
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Article published on 1 May 2013


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