"Civil resistance strategies for climate justice"
Article published on 13 January 2020
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Dear all,

With someone from Extinction Rebellion UK I’m organising a kind of think-tank meeting "Civil resistance strategies for climate justice", which aims to bring together about 25 climate justice activists and social movement or civil resistance researchers. We have tentative dates (two options):

17-19 April 2020

1-3 May 2020

We are now looking for potential venues in the region of Belgium or Western Germany (Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe). The venues should be outside of the big city, but have a public transport connection which is not too complicated or just once a day, and should be able to accommodate 25-30 people. It also should be able to cope with vegan catering, people mainly speaking English, and should not be too expensive.

We are hoping to settle on one of the two dates by the end of January, and venue availability is one criteria here.

I have been away from Germany for so long that I have no clue where to start looking now... Anyone can point me in some good directions?

For now we are conceptualising the meeting as invitation only, but might open it up later. We are basically looking for activists from different civil disobedience focused climate justice groups interested in strategy: Extinction Rebellion, By 2020 We Rise Up, 350.org, and others (I’m myself more involved with By 2020 We Rise Up). The meeting will be in English, and the scope is basically Europe (probably we will have a no-fly policy).

Any help is welcome.

Best wishes,

Andrea(s) Speck
Sevilla, España
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