Climate camp in Czech Republic will take place near power plant in Pardubice region
Article published on 12 June 2019
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This years Klimakemp in Czech Republic will take place between the 27th of june and 9th of july.

We have decided to hold it near the Chvaletice power plant close to the city of Pardubice (an hour to the east of Prague) - mainly in order to support a local campaing against the power plant. This, the third largest CO2 source in the country, was supposed to have been shut down
already in 2016, but has been bought instead by a private company trying to obtain a permit to prolong it’s operations up to 2030 - an important cause for the anticoal movement in Czech Republic, which can serve as a precedent for others.

The exact spot will be revealed about a week before the camp on our website ( and social media (@limityjsmemy).

From 30th of june to the 3rd of july, there will be programme as part of the "summer school of climate justice" and from 5th to 7th of july, action days with both legal and disobedient protests against the power plant.

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