Michael Warren Rufo
Streets of plenty
Taxes feed the war machine
Article published on 13 April 2019
last modification on 11 December 2023

In Nevada, more than a dozen activists were arrested during a series of protests blockading access to the Creech Air Force Base on Friday to demand the base be closed down. Creech Air Force Base is one of several homes for the U.S. military’s lethal drone program in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and other countries. During one of the protests on Friday, a group of children and adults dressed as angels and performed a mock drone attack on a funeral to protest U.S. drone strikes on funeral processions. A total of 25 activists have been arrested in a series of protests against the base over the last week.

Recorded in 2016 during anti military drone protests at Creech Air Force base in Nevada, with Mike Rufo performing and members of Code Pink, Nevada Desert Experience and Veterans for Peace protesting.

Titel Streets of Plenty
Artist Michael Warren Rufo
Album Streets of Plenty