notes from CJA meeting in Ostrava - Nov 2018
Article published on 6 January 2019
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Here are the notes from our last meeting in Ostrava in November 2018. Apologies for the delay. Many thanks to the Czech crew for making that happen, another memorable weekend. Around 40 people from 8 countries made it. Quite a few posters were done (like in Amsterdam in 2016) and there was even the start of a timeline for 2019

We had one of the largest indoor spaces that a CJA meeting has had, like we could have done action trainings for fingers inside! There was great vegan food from the local food not bombs kitchen crew, lots of interesting conversations were had in the time off, an old coal mine site was visited, a new beehive collective inspired poster of the German coal mining movement was described to us in a cinema, which later turned into a sleeping space (there was a concert until around 2am just next to the sleeping space).

The first dates were already confirmed at the gathering:

Austrian Climate Camp - 26 May - 2 June 2019

UK - Reclaim the Power - Climate Camp and mass action 26 -31 July 2019

Brunsbuttel, Germany - Free the soil - Climate Camp and mass action 16-22 September 2019

There was of course talk about the 2020 campaign, Turning the tide with parallel slots (from page 11 in the notes) on various subjects like:

how to act against far-right movements
the increasing criminalisation of activists

and now we can all look forward to our next meeting at the end of March in Basel, Switzerland. The next message will give more details.

Love and rage for 2019 and beyond!

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