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Anti-nuclear protesters blockade Devonport Dockyard
Trident ploughshares action
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The blockade at Plymouth in the morning of 25 july is in opposition to Trident replacement and nuclear weapons proliferation- The Dockyard refits, maintains and upgrades the submarines which carry Britain’s Trident nuclear weapon system, which has been declared illegal under international law. The yard is also increasingly becoming the dumping ground for old and out of service nuclear submarines, posing a further radioactive contamination hazard to the quarter of a million people who live nearby.

Two people have been arrested after chaining themselves to a car in a three-hour, rush-hour protest at Devonport Dockyard.

Traffic was badly delayed as people were left unable to turn into the Camel’s Head gate entrance at the dockyard from 6am, to 9am today.

Anti-nuclear protesters this morning set up a blockade at Devonport Dockyard.

A number of people blocked the entrance to the yard at Camels Head with a car parked across the road - two people chained themselves to the vehicle.

The protesters are from the anti-nuclear group Trident Ploughshares which objects to work done on nuclear submarines at the yard.

The groups’ long-running campaign at the yard most recently included every member attending Charles Cross police station to demand yard bosses be arrested for war crimes.

The group, which included two people from Plymouth, blocked the three lanes with a Red Ford Focus car and banners from 5:30am.

Two of the group had fixed themselves to concrete-reinforced tubing inside the vehicle, which was parked in the middle of the three lanes heading towards the Dockyard, where work is being done on nuclear submarines.

Shirley Law from Plymouth, who was protesting, said: “We wanted to make people see our banners and stop them from going to work.”

“The people who are able to do something about this aren’t doing anything.”

Shirley said that the protest was a “last resort” to try and get their message across: “We are concerned members of the public. Where there’s radiation there’s going to be ill people.

She added: “I’m getting sick and tired of trying to tell those people who have authority that people are getting ill.”

Police officers finally cut the man and woman free from the car at 9:30am, who were then arrested at the scene. The other protestors agreed to clear the road shortly after.

Speaking after the protest, Shirley said: “I think it has been successful, considering it is a pretty wide road to block and there was only 10 of us.”

Theo Simon, an anti-nuclear campaigner and former Devonport resident said: "When we see things like with Israel in Gaza, we want our government to stand up for international law and humanitarian law. But it’s harder for Britain to condemn other peoples’ war crimes if we are prepared to commit one ourselves.

"That is exactly what is happening here in Devon - they are working on a weapon of mass destruction, which can never be used.

"It is a terrible waste of resources, a waste of people’s skills, and a real danger to the future of our children in Devon and across the planet."

Mother of two, Nikki Clarke said: "I’m here today because I believe the work that goes on here in refitting Britain’s Nuclear weapons system is immoral and dangerous.

"Trident could never be used legally as its use would constitute a war-crime. The government is trying to spend in excess of a £100 Billion pounds of taxpayer money renewing a global terror weapon which can never be used.

"Why should we live with Austerity just so that our government can throw its weight around the world?

"The money earmarked for Trident would be better spent on public services such as education and healthcare, all of which are suffering due to the Condem coalition spending cuts."

Trident Ploughshares is a national network working to abolish Weapons of Mass Destruction, starting with the Trident submarine based system.

There are four Trident submarines - one at sea at all times, each with up to 40 warheads of 100-120 kilotons.

A police spokesman said: "Police have arrested two people after a protest outside of the Devonport Naval Base in Plymouth this morning, Friday, July, 25, 2014.

"Devon and Cornwall Police were called to the Camel’s Head Gate of the naval base at around 6am today to assist MOD Police after protestors gathered along with two cars at the base.

"There was considerable congestion on Keyham Road, Saltash Road and the A38 as a result of the protest.

"At round 10am, a 56-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman were both arrested on suspicion of obstructing the highway. Both the man and the woman are from the Somerset area and have been taken into custody at Charles Cross Police Station.

"The protest has now been concluded."

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