Help to continue Faslane peace camp
Taking action against nuclear weapons
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Friends, please watch this inspiring video and help the Faslane Peace Camp continue it’s presence and mission near Scotland’s Trident submarine base

If you are planning a visit it is preferrable for you to tell us first, mainly so that we can sort out a nice space for your stay, but also incase we are having an event and there’s not a lot of room, you might have to bring a tent. We also ask you to remember that, first and foremost, this is a space to support political activity and direct action against Trident, it is not a free space for hanging out (sorry). For the small number of us here that have decided to dedicate our time and energies to the anti-nuclear movement, as well as our 24hr workplace, it is our permament home so we ask visitors to also bear this in mind.


E-Mail: faslanepeacecamp (at)

The best way to get in touch is via email. …we aim to check this at least once a day but our only method of electricity are solar panels (for which the weather conspires against us) and a dubious bike generator so be patient.

You can also contact the camp by texting or calling 07511793227. The landline number is 01436 820901 but quite often we are not in the vicinity of the office and do not hear it.


Faslane Peace Camp Shandon, Nr Rhu,
Helensburgh, SCOTLAND G84 8NT
To find the camp:

The camp is situated along the A814 between Helensburgh and Garelochhead. The easiest way to arrive is to take the train from Edinburgh/Glasgow Queen Street Low Level to Helensburgh Central and across the street from the railway station is a bus stop. From there take the 316 bus to Garelochhead/Coulport. This bus costs £1.75 and will take you directly to the camp if you ask the driver to stop here. Otherwise it’s a 5 mile cycle from Helensburgh.

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