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This is a brief introduction to the ACTION AWE campaign to help you and your group plan your involvement in it. Full information and downloadable briefings on key issues are available on the website via the menu bar at the top of the start page.

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ACTION AWE: Basic Mission

Action AWE is a UK-based grassroots peace campaign dedicated to banning and eradicating nuclear weapons. We have come together as groups and individuals to undertake nonviolent action, education and outreach to raise awareness of the humanitarian, health and security consequences of nuclear weapons and halt nuclear warhead production by the Atomic Weapons Establishment nuclear bomb facilities at Aldermaston and Burghfield. Linking local and international campaigning for sustainable security, environmental protection, economic justice and peace, Action AWE mobilises for concerted, persistent, politically effective actions to highlight and prevent the deployment and renewal of Trident, and to build public and parliamentary pressure for Britain to disarm and join other countries in negotiating a global treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

Take AWEsome Action for Disarmament!

Take ACTION – People Power Works

Creative and concerted campaigns by ordinary people around the world and throughout history have made a difference.

After decades of politely debating women’s suffrage, it took direct action by the suffragettes to win votes for women.

Mass nonviolent non-cooperation by Indian people led by Mahatma Gandhi was decisive in the struggle for Indian independence from Britain’s colonial rule.

Concerted, persistent civil disobedience by African-Americans faced with unjust and racist laws compelled changes in US laws and society fifty years ago, making it possible for a Black man to stand for president in 2008 and get elected.

The persistence and nonviolent actions of women involved in the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp from 1981 played the most high profile and targeted role in the European-wide peace movement that pressured and enabled US and Soviet leaders to pull back from the Cold War nuclear arms race, resulting in the 1987 Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty that took the nuclear-armed cruise missiles out of Britain – and Europe – for good. Everyone at the time told the Greenham women that they were doomed to fail. If you go to Greenham now (it’s a few miles west of Aldermaston) you’ll see ponies and sheep grazing on restored Common land, in front of the empty nuclear weapon silos.

These profound political and social changes would not have been possible without active resistance and nonviolent actions undertaken with courage and persistence by responsible citizens.

More recently…

Faslane 365, which coordinated a year of nonviolent blockades at the Faslane nuclear base in Scotland (2006-2007), showed how many different people could become part of a large, successful year-long action that magnified public awareness and mobilised civic and political action against nuclear weapons in Scotland, ousting Scottish Labour from government in 2007 because it supported the decision by Tony Blair and the UK Labour Party to replace Trident. As with ACTION AWE, Faslane 365 mobilised many different individuals and groups to take autonomous action on the basis of some basic demands and principles, with a small group providing initial coordination and facilitation support.

Germany’s 2011 decision to phase out nuclear power stations followed decades of nonviolent actions and opposition by German environmental and anti-nuclear groups, including the historic Gorleben Castor blockades of nuclear waste trains. Huge mobilisations of the local community and anti-nuclear activists from around Germany and other countries would gather whenever nuclear waste trains were scheduled to pass through the Gorleben area (2-3 times a year) and block the tracks. Despite heavy policing, the activists have been successful each year in delaying the convoy and their actions have increased German awareness and public pressure for Germany to halt its nuclear power programmes.


Starting early in 2013 and running at least to the next election, Action AWE is inviting people from around Britain and beyond to come to Berkshire and take creative, disruptive, disobedient, fun and exciting action against the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston and Burghfield, and show opposition to the making of warheads and replacement of Trident.

Be creative! Be inspired! Be imaginative! Be daring! ACTION AWE is about your community, campaign, or affinity group seizing the opportunity to tell the rest of the UK and the world why you believe we shouldn’t replace Britain’s nuclear arsenal with a new generation of weapons of mass destruction. Use your actions to say what you want instead, whether in terms of how the money should be spent, or what kind of security you value, or how you want Britain’s role in the world to change, or however you want to make the connections. Explain or show how replacing Trident will contribute to the problems that your group is campaigning on, whether that’s climate change, the cuts, women’s rights, national and global militarisation, human rights, poverty.

Publicise your action as widely as possible (if you’re doing something secret you don’t have to advertise in advance, just make sure you have friends ready to do the media work as soon as the action begins for more media tips check the website!)

It’s up to you to organise your own actions. The ACTION AWE website has all the information you need to plan and organise a demonstration or direct action: maps and local information, history and current activities of AWE Aldermaston and Burghfield, as well as local information about transport and accommodation. You will also be able to download more information about issues and other campaigns that link in with ACTION AWE, as well as basic legal information and links to legal support groups, tips on media work, a calendar if you want to publicise your action before – or more probably after you’ve taken it, and pages where you can post your press releases, publicity, information & photos


The initiators of ACTION AWE believe that the means we use must be consistent with our objectives of peace, justice and a sustainable environment for life on earth. We can provide preparation and training for people who are new to nonviolent campaigning. For actions supporting and linking with ACTION AWE’s disarmament objectives we ask that you respect and act in accordance with these nonviolence guidelines:

Respect and care for everyone involved, including those representing or defending opposing positions and/or military facilities.

Refusal to harm, damage or degrade people.

Refusal to carry any weapon or use physical or verbal abuse against others.

Recognition that no one has a monopoly on truth, everyone is capable of change, and communication and dialogue are important for understanding others’ positions and concerns.

Connect with the fundamental humanity and good in everyone, whatever side of the issue they are on.

Be fully responsible, self-conscious and accountable for ourselves when undertaking nonviolent campaigns and actions, best ensured by not clouding our judgement with alcohol or drugs.

We seek to prevent and avoid harm to everyone involved, including ourselves, but there may be situations in which suffering is inevitable; in that case all efforts must be taken to prevent suffering being inflicted on others, even if that means taking it on ourselves.

We do our best to provide each other with support to ensure that our behaviour is as nonviolent and careful as possible.


Burghfield Lockdown! – Scrap Trident – Major blockade announced. 2nd March 2015

A major blockade of AWE Burghfield – Burghfield Lockdown! – will start on Monday 2nd March 2015 at 7.00am. The event is intended to be open ended as it launches a month of sustained daily action at the AWE’s Burghfield site in the lead up to the UK 2015 General Election.

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